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Thursday, July 12, 2012

At the River

When the July temperatures started breaking records, we headed for the river to cool off.  The Wolf River is one of Parker's favorite places, so he wanted to share it with his little cousins! We had a great day!  There was. . .
And more wading

There was crawdad hunting. . . 
which is mostly a boy sport!
With the expertise of their great grandpa the hunt was successful!
There was fishing with nets! And Granny Lerion actually caught one.

Brooks retrieved it from the net and gave it a little hug! You can see it hanging from his hand.
We found butterflies. . .
and rocks.
Some of us sat in the river,
Some watched from the bank!
 We had a picnic lunch with sandwiches from the nearby General Store.
Brynn tried rocks for dessert, but her dad didn't think that was a good idea!
 We played with toys,
and made leaf boats to sail down the river.
It was a great way to keep cool and a fun adventure for all!
We took this adventure on July 2, 2012 at the York Grist Mill in Pall Mall, TN

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