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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Twelfth

It's already time again for Twelve on the Twelfth,  when I make twelve pictures on the twelfth day of each month to show what my day was like.
It's Sunday and today is the first Ponderosa Princess's birthday.  It's been a cold but sunny day and here's just a few of the things I did today!
This was the temperature when I got up this morning!  Yes that was the correct time sometimes I don't get up until even later--just one of the many perks of the retired.
The weather today was almost identical to the day the first Ponderosa Princess was born, very chilly and a skiff of snow on the ground.
I posted this photo for her on our family page.
We went to church. . .

We had a steak and cheese on flatbread here with my Mom and Dad after church.
Went by the parents' house to pick up some Valentine presents for the King of the Ponderosa and the Stinkbugs and to make a picture of their iron.  This iron has a story of its own.  It's coming up in the next post.
The white-tails have roamed freely on the Ponderosa all day.  They are probably lying under the apple tree right now.
My messy desk where I made some Valentine "nice" mail this afternoon.

Passed by the front door and noticed how the afternoon sun was making this garden ornament glow.

Skyped with the stinkbugs.

Finished the evening with the Grammy Awards.

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