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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Excitement

My last post began with how quiet January had been, little did I know there would be some excitement a couple of hours after I posted.  Today is my birthday, it began with a rude awakening about 3:30 A.M.  Here's my tale:
Our house appears to be logs, but it is actually squares of wood joined together.  Now these are attractive to  our wooded setting, but it also attracts wasps, bats, woodpeckers, nesting birds, mice, lizards and squirrels.  Oh,  and just last spring we had a swarm of bees!  Last night it was the squirrels.  In the past we had a village of flying squirrels take up residence in the area between the stories of our house.  Somehow they get inside in the area around the washer and dryer.  This causes much screaming and running on my part.  Thankfully since they are nocturnal they only come out at night and Peanut is here to take command of the situation.  We thought we had left this problem in the past until last night.  We were awakened by a noise coming from the downstairs hallway.  Just before bedtime Peanut had caught a mouse and we thought that was what we heard--another one.
I stayed put because of above mentioned running and screaming when I see these creatures.  The next thing I hear is thump, thump thud which made me think Peanut had fallen down the stairs.  I jumped up and turned on the light, looked over the railing and said, "Are you lying down there?" 
The response was, "Come down here." 
I rushed down the stairs to find Peanut holding a trap with a dead squirrel and pieces of the chewed trap and blood in the floor.  The blood belonged to Peanut! 
He had stepped on the squirrel in the dark and the thumping and thudding I heard was him kicking and stomping trying to get away from it.  In the process he was either bit or scratched by the squirrel or the trap causing the blood.  In all our varmint wars on the Ponderosa, it was the first time anyone had been wounded! 
My posts usually contain pictures, but since this one was in the wee morning hours and people are usually in their underwear and no one wants to actually see this kind of carnage, you will just have to image the scene! 
We can just hope it was a loner and the rest of its family does not seek revenge!

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