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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing Outside

In just a week the weather has gone from this
to this

both were excellent for playing outside, even if I had to play by myself!  The snow was great for building and since no one but me was here to enjoy it I made a Ponderosa Snowman in the front yard.
I worked hard getting it together, found the snowman decor that Parker and I had bought earlier in the year at the Target dollar zone and made his picture.

I decided he needed some stick arms so I walked over the the car to put my camera in the dry and closed the door.  When I looked back, here's what I saw
Today just a week later the temperature was in the lower 70's and I spent the day outside burning some of the millions of leaves and sticks trying to beautify the Ponderosa for the spring and our annual Easter party.  I stopped raking for a while to play with my camera and show you some of the signs of spring!

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