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Monday, December 21, 2009

What to you find when you clean?

Today was a cleaning day at the Ponderosa. I was dusting in the living room. I had made it to the shelf above. I wasn't just dusting, I was moving everything and spraying Pledge and cleaning! When I had taken the frame and books out. . .

these jars of marbles were in the back. In case you are too young to recognize them, they are little milk jars. I can remember drinking from them at school everyday. It was what milk came in before the paper cartons of today. I can't remember where I got these two but I was using them to hold some marbles. When Parker began to crawl and move about I hid the jars behind the books so he would not get the marbles and put them in his mouth. This was my way of child proofing! This also tells you something about how often I dust!
Notice the hole for cords in the back of the shelf it will be important in a minute.
I put the jars in the floor with the books and pictures and thoroughly cleaned the shelf. As I began to put everything back in I noticed that something more than marbles was in one of the jars.
Now lately, I have had to make a choice--wear contacts that let me see close but blurred distance or clear distance and blurred close. Today I was wearing blurred close and had to get my glasses to clearly see what was in the jar.

About half the jar was filled with acorns. I had found an acorn in the back of one of the shelves I previously dusted but I just thought a little boy had carried it in and put it there. I should have been suspicious because it was way in the back and higher than he could reach. The acorns had been there for a while, one had sprouted, but the worst thing is knowing that some little furry critter made a lot of trips into my living room and deposited a food stash in the shelves! You would think we would hear it or see it. I know if I had seen it somebody would have heard me scream!
Oh well, living here in the woods means we have to fight for space with the critters but if you come to visit, watch where you step because there are glue traps all over!

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Misty said...

O M G!!! Peanut is still attracting them!!!