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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Putting Away Christmas



Today we put away the Ponderosa Christmas tree, but there are still some gifts here that haven’t been opened.  Here’s why:

Twas the night before Christmas and we had just returned from a festive Christmas lunch with my family.  Our Christmas Eve night has always been spent with the Gibsons, so the potatoes were mashed, the cookies and sausage balls were covered on a plate and the presents were in the trunk of the car.  Everyone was ready to go and the King who had just awaked from a nap was having a little sip of Christmas Coco-cola, when he was struck with a virus—one that made him throw up all over his Nana’s kitchen and on his P-pa!

One of the Ponderosa princesses had been sick a couple of days before so we knew he was probably contagious.  We did the right thing and quarantined ourselves.

We made the best of the situation by opening our presents and Christmas boxes and even though he felt bad the King went right on opening his presents, stopping occasionally to be sick! 

DSC_0362DSC_0354He even managed to keep smiling through it all. 

So we have some more presents to deliver, we’ll  do it when we celebrate on New Year’s day!  And all of us will remember a Christmas Eve where one little boy was sick, but surrounded by six people who love him enough to have been sick in his place if we could! 

DSC_0367*No one else was sick and this virus only lasted a few hours.  Santa came and ate the cookies and left presents and all was well in the morning!

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