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Monday, December 14, 2009

Worn Out

This is my oven. It has to be over 30 years old. It's a Kenmore and it's huge and black and has a little warming oven on the bottom, which I have never used! Last week it just quite. Stopped working and will not come on. We went for days just passing by and turning it on--just in case. You know how when you've had something for a long time even if its not the best, it's yours and you want to keep it! We don't know anyone who works on gas appliances or we might have to have it fixed, but as much as we don't want to change we have to let go! So we made the trip to Lowes, after much research on the web and measuring the oven and the hole it sits in-- we have a new oven on the way.

Here it is. Yeah, I know, it doesn't have the character of my old oven, but it self cleans and look at those digital controls. I'm sure it will be nice, but I loved my old clunker of an oven. I will miss it.

For now this is my oven. It's small and cute and it sits right there on the counter top. I could cook just about anything in it, if I had a little pan!
I hope I'm not here when the nice man named Tim comes to install the new oven it will be hard to let go; and I hope it all works and fits and he doesn't have to cut holes in my cabinets, even though they are old and need re-doing they are mine!
In the meantime, do any of you kids have a pan with your easy bake oven I can borrow?


Misty said...

I have a little tray that came with my groovy smoker! You can use it anytime!

However, after tasting that outstanding chicken that Peanut brought to the meeting...I think I would just make him keep up the grilling! Mmmm...Mmmm

I am sorry you are losing such a good oven friend but I am sure this other one will be just as friendly. Maybe it will be a great great great grandchild of your original! :-)

Aimee said...

I have a little oven like yours that I am using right now too!! My oven died also :( . Never thought I would miss it so much!!