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Sunday, March 15, 2015

spring break

 I may not attend or work at a school any more but this week I took a little trip on spring break.  Parker and Tracie invited me to go with them to Atlanta.  We had a great couple of days visiting the Atlanta Zoo, Legoland, Ikea and the World of Coke!
We left late Sunday afternoon and stopped at Monteagle to eat dinner at the Smoke House Restaurant and Trading Post.  Its a unique spot with good food and lots of old stuff inside.  We got a table by the fire and enjoyed our meals. We traveled on to Dalton, Georgia where we spent the night.
On Monday our first stop was the Atlanta Zoo.  We checked out all the animals!

 This guy may look lazy but just for your info the sign says he can run up to 30 miles per hour.  You might want to keep this in mind if you are ever chased by a rhino.  I suppose if you can't find something to climb the situation could be dire.
 The Atlanta Zoo has a huge gorilla exhibit.  It was my favorite. 

 Parker feeding the parakeets!
After the zoo, we found our room and then headed for Legoland where there are rides and movies, a replica of the city of Atlanta built from legos and tons and tons of lego bricks.
You are never too old to play with legos!
We visited Ikea and called it a day.  My phone said I walked almost six miles today!
On Tuesday we headed for World of Coke.

 We bought a ticket for the VIP tour  so we had special headphones and our own tour guide
 This is the vault where the secret formula is kept.
 Being VIP's we got to have our photo made with the polar bear without having to wait in line!
Our favorite part of the tour was the tasting room!  We were allowed to drink all the coke we could hold.  There was different flavors from all around the world as well all the types of coke we know and love! 
It was a terrific spring break!

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