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Thursday, September 18, 2014

sept 18

Photo a day
Sept. 18
This person was feeding cane into the "squeezer" today at Muddy Pond.  He was working alone with his horse.  I'm pretty sure its not the only way they have to get cane juice because it would take a long time just to finish this one field!
And to use up all this wood
He was working here
I'm sure the people working here are grateful for the cool weather we are having because there was a lot of boiling and a lot of steam coming from their mill!
We also stopped at a couple of stores while we were there.

I did not buy any of these, but I need one for working in my garden!
We did however buy some food.  We had chocolate covered pretzels, a pumpkin roll, a piece of molasses cake, a small sample jar of sorghum syrup, and a coke!

We took the "hilly" way there going through Alpine, Crawford and Hanging Limb communities.  We came back through Jamestown.  It does not matter which way you travel to Muddy Pond from the Ponderosa it is going to be a winding road!

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