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Friday, September 26, 2014


On Thursday we had an appointment to get the oil changed in our car.  Toyota was extra fast only taking about 15 minutes.  Since it was such a nice day we decided to grab something for lunch and drive out to Burgess Falls State Park.  Peanut choose Hardee's new fried bologna and Velveeta on a biscuit and I ordered a ham and cheese.
After we tanked up it was time to hit the trail.  As close as we live to this spot, neither one of us had been here before.  The  trail signs warned us about being strenuous, but being fearless we traveled on!  It turns out that Burgess Falls is actually three falls. The first one is about 100 feet down the trail.  It's called First Falls
In about half a mile you come to Middle Falls.
And at about 3/4 of a mile the trail takes you to the big/high falls
From this observation deck you can take the trail to the bottom of the falls, or back to the parking lot. You can return on the trail or take a road above the trail, which is a much smoother but less scenic walk. 
We need to practice our selfie skills!
We took the trail down to the top of the falls, but it was too steep for us to go all the way to the bottom. 
The trail is not for sissies and is steep and rough in places, not to mention all the steps. There are actually a few places that looked like you could plunge off, so I do not recommend this walk for small children.
We made it back to the top and took the road back to our car.  It was worth the climb and the round trip took about an hour. 
We came back via Sparta and ended our trip with a stop at Walmart and then  a little Sonic ice cream treat!

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Bennie said...

How beautiful. It looks like you guys had a very nice day. You both deserve it. Your pictures of the family are all so good. You all take such good pics the kids are growing so much. love you all lots. God bless you both and your family. what a blessing you all are.