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Monday, June 30, 2014

the last day of june

The Ponderosa Stinkbugs are visiting with us today.
Brynn has chosen to wear this ninja outfit with a magician's hat to complete it.  That's a bunny on the top.  If you find this odd then maybe you should examine your sense of fashion!  And yes, Brooks still has on his pj bottoms.

They love a golf cart ride.
First stop on this ride was at the apple trees to pick up some treats for the horse and donkey at our neighbor's barn.

Sometimes this little ninja/magician disappears into her hat!

oh wait there's a frog

On the way to take the apples to the horse and donkey, we saw this cow and thought she might like apples too.

Turns out she likes apples a lot so the plan was to throw and run.

This bull was there but seemed uninterested.
Oh wait there's a dandelion let me make a wish

On down the road we saw this bunny it just sat there and let us watch it maybe the bunny on Brynn's head caused him to freeze with fear!
We started home when the cart began to sputter.  We had to push.
Then we walked to the house for the gas can.
Oh wait there's a praying mantis.

Brooks drove us back to the broken down cart and P-pa solved our problem.
 It was time for golf cart racing and then naptime because we just wore them out!

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