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Sunday, June 1, 2014

some of our favorite people came to visit

Lots of grand kids kept us busy on the Ponderosa this week.  On Wednesday we picked up Brooks and Brynn in Cookeville and they spent the night while their parents looked for a new house.  They were super excited and ready for adventure.  It was the first time they had stayed overnight here without a parent.  We were all a little worried that when bedtime came someone might cry, but all was fine.  We put all the fun we could into the short time they were here!
Brooks and Brynn's favorite thing to do on the Ponderosa is to ride on the golf cart.  The first stop is always to feed the horse and donkey. 

This time we had some golf cart racing that caused lots of squeals and giggles! We don't have pictures of that since I was one of the drivers.
There was some turkey hunting because a wild turkey is eating the strawberries from our garden.

Playing in the sand pan and drawing with chalk are also some favorite activities.
It's hard to beat an ice cream sandwich when you need a snack!
They both think its great fun to hang around at P-pa and Nana's house.
Pa Lyle and Granny Lerion cooked supper for us and they got in some great  playing time there also.  Granny Lerion's rock garden has always been a favorite spot there and when you are inside there's a whole room with nothing but toys!

The fun continued on Thursday when we traded two for one.  Parker came with Brooks and Brynn's mom to pick them up and came back with us to stay for a couple of nights.  He loves the golf cart too and this year is big enough to drive around himself.  He also did some racing with P-pa.
One of Parker's favorite places to go is York Park in Pall Mall.  This time we hiked to the swinging bridge and of course we had to stop and play in the Wolf River.

There was bike riding
and pizza from Subway and computer games and board games and brownie making! His mom and dad picked him up on Saturday afternoon and before they left we enjoyed a dinner on the deck with Pa and Granny. Our menu included ribs and chicken with salad and baked potatoes and beans.  What a dull place this would be without all these kids to fill our days with adventures!

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