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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This is the scene of the crime.  Peanut decided to do some pruning on this pine tree with a pole saw.  He climbed up the tall ladder and when he cut the branch it flipped back on him and knocked the chain saw into his chest, which knocked him off the ladder and about 10 feet to the left.  He was there alone, so he had to yell for a neighbor who was passing to stop and help him.

 He ended up staying in the hospital for two nights and having only a bruised lung and possibly a fractured rib or ribs.  The doctors who were trying to help him only made it worse by giving him pain medication that he could not tolerate.  We did learn that the best pain drug for him is toradol.  Hopefully he learned not to climb ladders and saw alone.  The window also suffered some significant damage.  Entire incident is filed under lessons learned! Or it seemed like a good idea at the time! 

Lessons Learned

Some things are just too high to reach.

Old people should not be on ladders with pole saws--if it is necessary to break this rule you should take a partner with you.

That limb was just too close to the house.

Take your shirt off before an iv or you will have to keep it on for days.

Pain meds can make some people violently sick to their stomach--stick with those that are not narcotics.

To the hospital staff it is important that they bring a pamphlet about falling and how to quit smoking literature to you at 5:00 a.m.  It’s not enough to leave it  you must wake up and sign for it.  And no the fact that you have never been a smoker does not really matter.

Our kids say that some people have to take the keys from their parents but it looks like they are going to have to take chain saws!

Even when you do something a bit silly, your friends will pray for you and call with concern and the Good Lord will protect you when you are falling off ladders with sharp saws nearby!

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JoAnn Coutta said...

Wow, Peanut was fortunate. My cousin's husband from Madison was working on his shed at their other home in Sewanee, the ladder slipped and he had several major breaks and was hospitalized almost a year. He stayed in traction and it took a long time just to manage a few steps. He is home but still has major pain.