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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am at the visitor house loading sticks and pine cones into a wheel barrow and dumping them in the woods. It's hot and I would love to go inside to the fridge for a bottle of water, but I can't. I also came over here to open the doors and windows but only the front door is open. I can't go to the back door or through the kitchen. It is a small thing that is stopping me. You see when I started to go through the kitchen, a mouse is caught on a trap right in front of the fridge. I can not walk past it. There's room, but I can't my body freezes in terror!  I know it is not logical. I understand it can not hurt me but I have a physical reaction that I cannot overcome. Today,  I just froze and drew in my breath. Usually there is running and screaming involved!  So maybe I am making progress.

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JoAnn Coutta said...

A mouse, dead or alive, frightens me also.