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Sunday, March 2, 2014

march 2

Photo of the day
Something borrowed

It will always be the Upper Cumberland Regional Library to me!  I did not like that change.

Slice of Life
Today, on Dr. Suess’s 110th birthday day, I am reminded of this memory:
When I was little and had just learned to read, I begged my Dad when he came home for lunch to let me go back to his office and “help him work.”  He usually let me go!  I  “worked” for just a little and then I hightailed it across the street to the courthouse and the room that was the library.  I spent the afternoon sitting on a stool reading from a shelf of books--many written by Dr. Seuss.  My favorite one was Horton Hatches the Egg.

Now when I was six I thought I was getting away with this but looking back I realize that my Dad didn’t have much work for me to do and my stool was aways sitting right in front of the shelf I loved.  Do you think maybe Miss Ruth, the Librarian saw me coming and put it there?

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