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Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Shiny" Day

It's the first day of my fifty-eighth trip around the sun! It's been a bright and "shiny" day enjoyed by everyone because we've had some face freezing weather for the last two weeks.  My day was brightened with special mail

A surprise cake delivery
And tonight my mom had prepared a delicious birthday dinner followed with cake and presents!
My facebook wall is full of greetings from neighbors, family and friends. And I did get to spend some time with old friends today.  That time was at the funeral of my good friend, Veda's  mother.  It was more a celebration of a life well lived for the last 93 years.  It's hard to imagine all the changes she experienced.  She was a kind and gentle lady who as the minister said had a jovial spirit, and I'm glad she was my friend.  Her name was Lola and she loved my grandson Parker like her own.  She loved jewelry and pretty clothes and made beautiful quilts.  I always enjoyed her stories from "back in the day."
This "shiny" day ended just as brightly as it started. What a great way to begin year fifty eight!

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