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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lunch Interrupted!

While eating our lunch today we heard some odd noises.  I thought it was the fridge making popping noise.  When we realized that it was coming from the laundry area just across the hall from the kitchen table, Peanut went to investigate. 
That's my clothes dryer on the right. I had used it several times this morning.  There is an air conditioning filter against it and you can see a plastic dishpan thingy on the left.  If you look closely you can see that a snake has his body through the handle of the dishpan thingy and the white thing is a glue trap when the snake's head and tail are stuck!  This snake had gotten itself into a very serious  sticky situation.  When he saw that the snake could not bite,  Peanut removed it to the yard. I did not freak out with screaming or running but I did not carry or touch this varmint.
It was determined that this was not a poisonous snake and that it would be impossible to remove the glue trap, so it didn't end well for this intruder.  Steps are being taken to try and prevent the entrance of any of this unlucky fellow's friends or relatives.  Some days life on the Ponderosa is just downright dangerous!

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