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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome December

Welcome December, we here on the Ponderosa are glad to see you.  November was not very kind to us!  Since November the 10th one of us has been sick, having surgery, recovering, or spending all day in the doctor's office!  I started the trend and Peanut followed!  We think we are on the mend, although there is still a little cloud of doom over my head because this week Peanut had a virus and I have yet to get it.  I have treated him like the plague for the last couple of days and I am armed with Lysol disinfecting wipes and bleach water and I am not afraid to use them! I am hoping the hand washing every few minutes will also save me!
 It's been a long three weeks and we've missed out on some things and caused others to have to change their plans.  It makes you want to have a little pity party, but every time I started feeling a little sorry for myself I would see something to remind me that I am not in charge!  On the way home from the drugstore Thursday night, after Peanut spent more hours in the Byrdstown Medical Center than the doctors, my stress was getting the best of me until I turned onto the road that would take me home.  There was the most magnificent full moon ever lighting my way.  It had swirls of color around it and was so beautiful it made me forget the long day.  Today I was washing windows and thinking what a beautiful day and we did not feel like enjoying it when I looked at the window I just wiped and saw that my Christmas cactus is loaded with blooms that are just about to fill my kitchen window with  beautiful pink flowers.  It just reminds me.  I am not in charge(this is hard for a person who has the bossy gene) and despite how I feel or what I plan the world will go right on and I don't run the show!

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