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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 on the Twelfth of December

It's time for this year's last twelve on the twelfth.   I think I missed two months, last month because of illness and one month in the spring.  Today was a special twelfth, the date being 12/12/12.  It only happens every one hundred years!  It is suppose to be a lucky day.  We didn't have any especially good luck, but I don't know of anyone who was sick today so lately that would be a lucky day for our family!
The day started out a little frosty!
One of Peanut's facebook friends posted a status that it would be a good morning for chocolate gravy, which made him want some too.
My Christmas cactus has started to bloom.  It's actually Tracie's cactus.  Mom got it for her birthday several years ago and it has been sitting in my kitchen window since!
First chore this morning is to clean up all the stuff we dropped in the living room after non stop Christmas shopping for a day and a half.  Our feet were hurting so we just carried it in and dropped it.
Peanut assembling and charging some of the Christmas presents. 
Round two of the Ponderosa Christmas card mailing.  We are doing our best to keep the post office from going broke.
Spent some time this afternoon maintaining the Imagination Library data base.  I am Dolly Parton's Imagination Library in Pickett County!
If you need some vitamin C we have lots here, tangerines and oranges arrived this afternoon.
Made this orange jello and filled it with apples and oranges this afternoon.  Jello is always better with fruit.  Now if we just had some angel food cake.
Wrapped a few presents.  We don't have a tree up yet, just a corner full of presents. There is just so much to do!
This is the room where I am preparing the Christmas boxes.  Everyone gets a box for Christmas filled with surprises and snacks and things you need and things you don't need. It's fun to go through and easy to carry home.
I think I'll end the day with a little reading on my kindle.  I am just starting Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett.

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