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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12--Take Twelve

It seems I've been lazy and only made one post since last month's Take Twelve!  The last three weeks have been exceptionally warm and plants are budding and blooming too early and people have been tempted to plant before the last frost.  Hopefully this morning was the last one--not only did it frost but the temperature dipped below freezing, bad news for the plants.
We tried to save the strawberry crop with sheets and water!

My chore this morning was to uncover everything!  Then because we can and because it was Thursday my Mom and I went shopping!  We call it bargain shopping, we don't usually buy anything unless it is a good deal!

Just a couple of our stops.
Lunch--we always eat fast food so that we don't waste shopping time.
Some of my favorite purchases today.
Got home in time to inspect the plants for damage and enjoy some sweet potato fries for dinner.  April 12 was another great day on the Ponderosa!

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