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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What was I looking for?

I've spent much of the last three days cleaning the Ponderosa!  I've been a crazed woman cleaning windows, floors, the fridge, even washing some of the curtains.  I was feeling pretty good about this with the Ponderosa looking all shiny and smelling all clean, even bragging just a little at supper about how good it felt and looked.  I did this cleaning knowing full well that a bunch of people were going to be here tomorrow, some of them little and prone to making messes.  I also scrubbed the kitchen floor knowing full well that my husband would track something across it despite the rugs inside and outside the back door!  What I didn't know is that I would be the first to make a big mess!  My Aunt Sybil says, "there's nothing better than a good mess to clean up." Well, she should have been here tonight.  Here's what happened:
We are a little cramped for storage here on the Ponderosa. We need to declutter but even that might not solve our lack of storage space, therefore we are forced to use our back hallway for storing some essential items.  Here it is. . .
Here we have our drinks and a can to recycle cans, and as you can see the dog food.  The shelf on the right side of the wall holds various things that we hate to throw away but don't really have space to keep.  Don't judge you all have a place just like it!  It was to the shelf that I went to look for something.  I don't even remember now what it was.  The shelf is one of those places you seldom go, so I forget what is there and I got distracted by going through some box finding things I forgot about.
I must have turned or knocked against the shelf or maybe it was just unbalanced, but when I heard the noise I just ducked and covered my head with my arm. 
See that orange tub on the top shelf?  Inside that tub is a basket that was the container for a Christmas present from some of our friends.  It is left from last year.  Inside that basket is 84 million pieces of little red shredded paper that have been there since last Christmas. 
Remember that noise.  It was that tub falling. 
Now most of that 84 million pieces of shedded paper fell everywhere.  I walked away and went into the kitchen and another room to get my camera and a broom when I realized I was leaving a trail of paper behind me.  It had stuck to my hair and the back of my shirt and I tracked it all over the house!
So it wasn't small people or even the husband who made a mess on the clean Ponderosa, it was me! Just remember that pride goeth before a FALL and if someone gives you a Christmas present with 84 million pieces of shredded paper there is no need to save it, take it straight to the trash.
Now why was I looking on that shelf in the first place?

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