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Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Tree

  We put out Christmas tree up today.  It made me remember a post I made on a school blog a few year ago.  The tree is in a different spot, but the story is the same!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Tree is Up!

For those of you who doubted--here it is. The tree is up. Some of my friends think I am a little scroogy about putting up the Christmas tree, and that I wait too long to get it in place. I think I even heard a discussion about someone coming to check and see if it was up and there were threats of a tree intervention, but today December 20th, it is ready. Now before some of you look at this picture and say, "Did they let the two year old do that?" Let me explain, we know that Martha Stewart would not approve of this tree, nothing matches and some might say it has crossed the line into tacky, but the tree tells a story, its full of things from the past. Things little girls once crafted and placed on the tree with pride. The little girls are grown and they have trees of their own but pieces of their childhood will always decorate mine. So let me give you the tour:

The Tree

In case you could not tell, this is baby Jesus made by a three year old at Sunday School. He has had a special place on our tree every year since!

This bear says DAD--he is a little roughed up, but don't he look just like Peanut?

Who doesn't have a glitter covered pine cone to adorn their tree. It must have super glue holding the glitter because it has lasted for a long time.
No tree would be complete without a star on the top, this one may be made from cardboard, but isn't it absolutely gorgeous?

We have some pictures from Christmas Past
And this lovely plastic ornament is all that is left from a tree 34 Christmases ago when a young couple could only afford a cedar tree they cut from the woods and some red glass balls and plastic ornaments from Big K.(Those of you old enough to remember this was the store that came to Cookeville and eventually became Walmart.)
Now What's On Your Tree?

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