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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Picture Day on the Ponderosa

I make lots of pictures, but we seldom get a family group.  A couple of months ago we made an appointment with Jennifer from Art and Soul Photography, so on September 10 we all gathered on the Ponderosa for our session.  Jennifer was our student when she was in elementary school and was always an artistic, creative individual.  We had viewed the images on her facebook page and loved her style and creativity.  The weather cooperated, the people cooperated and Jennifer clicked away for hours producing some shots that were even more awesome that we knew they would be! 
We are sitting on a quilt made by my grandmother!

We love this quote it is from a book called Guess How Much I Love You and I read it to Parker.

Brynn is lying on the doll bed that Stephanie played with as a little girl.  It was a gift from her grandma purchased at a craft fair about 30 years ago.
And when Parker got a chance to pick the location, he took Jennifer over to our neighbor's farm, aka Fred's Farm, one of his favorite places in the whole world and got his picture made with the tractors.

This is just a preview, there are so many more we haven't seen yet!  We appreciate Jennifer for visiting the Ponderosa and capturing our family in photos!

 Jennifer was patient and worked tirelessly until the sun went down and we look forward to another visit from Art and Soul Photography.


Miz Patti said...

I love her style too! and she definitely had some terrific subjects! Parker is sooo cute and those babies are adorable!

Joyce said...

I love love all the pics. She did an awesome job and she had som ebeautiful people to work with. Take care of all those babies.