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Sunday, August 21, 2011


On Saturday night when nothing else is happening we go to the County Line Auction just to see what we can find and to eat!  It is held in an old building at the county line and in the kitchen they fix some cheap, good food.  Since I am a cheap date, Peanut takes me out to eat there.  It's just like church most people sit in the same place and some  have their own numbers.  Sometimes we buy some "junk" sometimes we just eat and watch.  Peanut likes to buy boxes or containers to see what is inside!  Usually something he sees on the top is what determines just how high he will bid!  The last time we were there he saw some clipper/pruners that he needed on top of a flower box container.  For just a few dollars it was his!  We brought it home and didn't really look inside until the next morning when he found something inside that everyone should have--a fog machine.
It wasn't just the Fog machine, there was plenty of "fog juice" to go with it.
So that afternoon we did the only thing you can when you find a fog machine, we fired it up and fogged up the Ponderosa!

If two grown ups can have a good time, just imagine how much fun it is if you are four!

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