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Monday, May 2, 2011

Danger Zone

When I hear the word danger, I always think of the robot from the TV series Lost in Space.  
If you are under fifty you may not remember it.  The Robinson family was lost in space and trying to return to earth.  It was science fiction set in the future (1997)!  The youngest child in this family was Will Robinson and he was always exploring with the Robot.  When they encountered something dangerous the robot would wave his arms and exclaim, "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger."  It was awesome!  
Anyway,  lately I've felt like I needed a robot companion to warn me of the dangers here on the Ponderosa.  One must always be aware of his/her surroundings here because just because it wasn't there yesterday doesn't mean it won't be there today.  For instance, it is amazing how much progress a hornet can make on a nest is a very short time. This one popped up on the eaves of our storage shed. 
One must also be careful inside the sheds where reptiles sometimes like to lie in the doorways or even on the walls!
Things like this do not bother boys, they just add to the danger by trying to poke it with a broom.

And always look before you sit on the Ponderosa.
Because you don't know what may be sitting in the chair already!

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