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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Found Gold!

Some things just sneak up on you so gradually that you just don't notice, like the expiration date on your coupons or a few extra pounds or gray hairs or your birthday, you get the idea.  This happened with the hardware on my kitchen cabinets.  The cabinets are originals to the house which makes them about 35 and they look very 70's and need painting or re-staining. Yes, they are a sorry sight.  Just recently while prowling around looking for bargains I found a giant bottle of Brasso for just $2.00.  It made me remember my mom using this product years ago when a set of brass/glass doors covered the fireplace in our home.  She polished up the edges with Brasso, so I bought a bottle and brought it home to see if I could improve my kitchen cabinets! The grime on the hardware had gradually turned into this
I know it is bad--it just happened.  It was one of the jobs no one ever had the time to do.  Both of the Ponderosa Princesses said to me (at different times) just take them off and buy new ones. (This is something I admit they learned from me).  But look at those, how would you ever find something the same size or shape.  There is probably an indention on the wood behind them.  So following the Brasso instructions I shook it well and applied with a clean, dry cloth and a lot of elbow grease and I found gold!