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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Woodpecker War

 Seems we are always at war with some of the animals here on the Ponderosa--its a fight for survival!  Currently a red-headed woodpecker  has decided to destroy an oak tree that is very close to our house. We are not strangers to bird attacks, you may remember the post I made about nesting birds last spring.  So when we discovered the damage to this tree, we took action!
Since we know the woodpecker chose this tree because of the insects he finds inside, we bought expensive stuff and smarter than birds guy sprayed the tree.  No luck!
Our second plan of attack was to yell at the bird and make loud noise when we saw him!  Smarter than birds guy and girl both tried.  No luck!

Some of you might say to us, leave the woodpecker alone, but should the tree he has chosen to destroy  have to be cut down, it is located where it might hit the deck, the house, the gas tank, the driveway, the basketball goal or any combination of the above! Now my husband feels confident in his lumberjack skills and says he could cut this tree if he needed to, but I do not share his confidence. I refer you to the list of possible things this tree could hit.  Therefore, it is very important to save this tree!

Here's the new plan that smarter than a woodpecker guy and girl came up with.  Cover it up!  Yes, it looks funny--it makes us laugh out loud.  Yes, we realize that Woody Woodpecker can fly and get above our sheet, but we are hoping that covering up his dinner table will make him look somewhere else.  I'll keep you posted!!


House Queen said...

Just call it a Sunggie for a tree! I can't wait to see how this turns out...

CJ said...

Saw your woodpecker. Tomorrow I'm blogging about a California white oak overshadowing my property that was just cut down by CAL Fire workers. A woodpecker was the last visitor to the old oak.

I also wrote a report on the book you are reading.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice blog. That is a Pileated Woodpecker you have there. The Red-headed Woodpecker is also a handsome fellow, but quite different from the Pileated. Good luck with your tree.