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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What to eat?

Our motto here on the Ponderosa is: What Can We Eat Next!  We are going to have to change that motto as it is not very healthy and we promised our insurance company, we would do better!!  So, when I saw the book Eat This, Not That on the sale rack at the library, I purchased it for one dollar.As I was looking through it last night I saw that most of the foods I like are on the NOT That page!  It turns out that even when I thought I was being good, I was making the wrong choices. For instance, I always eat a tuna salad sandwich at Subway, but it seems that it is on the top of the NOT That list because it has 530 calories and 31g of fat! 
I moved on to the cracker section because one of my snacks of choice is Wheat Thins--guess what!  Wheat Thins are on the NOT That side of the page as are Cheez-its and Ritz crackers--Who knew!  Moving on to the cookie page, well there were no real cookies on the Eat This side just wafers and Snackwells.  And you know those great bags of shredded cheese that you can put on just about anything to make it better--that's right not good.  I'm beginning to understand why this expensive book was on the sale rack, it was just too much for its original owner or it was too depressing to have this information.  I'm going to take it back to the library and give it back, it still has the price tag on it.  In the meanwhile, I'll be trading in my Wheat Thins for some Goldfish crackers and giving up tuna salad sandwiches at Subway!

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