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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update from the Ponderosa

Here on the Ponderosa, the 87,000 birds we live with are multiplying. . .

Blueberries are turning blue (the harvest so far has been two for my mouth and one for Peanut's)

The lilies are showing out. . .

Farmer Gibson is having his 10:30 snack and

and I am growing flowers in a bucket on my porch which officially makes me a little old lady and I'm okay with that!


steph said...

The blueberries are lookin' good. What about the rest of the garden??

Delilah said...

There will be a squash harvest in a few days! The green beans are stuck and the limas are growing. The tomatoes will be a little late, but we already ate some from Pa's tomato patch!
We also have okra and melons and pumpkins!