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Monday, April 19, 2010


The King of the Ponderosa spent most of last week here and he said some very funny things. I'm going to call them Parkerisms! They may not seem as funny without his voice because most of the things he says with a tone that should have a question mark or exclamation point after them. But I want to record them so that maybe someday he can read what he said at three!

As we pulled out of the driveway on the golf cart Parker saw where a tractor had left the muddy field and pulled onto the road and he said, "Oh look P-pa, there are some tractor footprints."

Conservation with Nana:
Parker: "Nana, where do bees poop?"
Nana: "I don't know Parker, maybe in the grass."
Parker: "But how, Nana, how"
Nana: "I don't know Parker, I guess bees have a bottom like you."
Parker: "But why Nana, why?"
Nana: "Where do you think bees poop, Parker?"
Parker: "In their nests, no wait they make honey. I think in the woods!"

On the way home to Parker's House
Parker: "Where are we going?"
Nana: "To your house."
Parker: "Nana, did you know that Bob the Builder, built my house for me and mama and daddy?"

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