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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Sledding

Parker has become a master sledder.

He learned some of his skills from P-pa who is a master sledder from way back!

He can sled backwards.

He can do tricks.

He can handle both kinds of sleds.

And if you will hold your tongue out just right, you can really go fast.

Parker and P-pa were having so much fun I decided to put the camera down and join in. After all-- these were the same hills I had spent my whole childhood playing on. Parker took the plastic sled and I had the wooden one. As I sped down the hill, I was ten again just having fun in the snow. Then, the sled came to a stop and I tried to get up. And I started back up the hill and the shortness of breath brought me right back to reality! Ten year olds run back up the hill, but not nanas!


Miz Patti said...

Looks like alot of fun! I too was complaining about the age thing and then I saw a video on Facebook of Lucy and JaneAnne sledding over a hill!

steph said...

Great sledding pics! Parker is going to start to think everytime he goes to B-town it will snow and he'll be able to sled.

House Queen said... really should check out the video of Lucy on Facebook. You and Peanut would love it! Oh wait...are you on Facebook? LOL