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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Evil Plot?

It's beginning to get creepy. They're everywhere! On the furniture, running through the woods, I even saw one fall out of a tree. Every time you look out a window here on the Ponderosa there is a gang of them! (What is a group of squirrels--gang? pack? bevy?)
But now they've moved onto the deck, and this week I found an acorn in the drawer below my oven! I hope that was caused by a little boy not these fuzzy rodents.
Look at this one, does it look like it could be hatching an evil plot against us?


Mrs. Julia said...

I know two boys with pellet guns who could take down those furry rats for free.:) Just let me know when and where.

Misty said...

Do you see why I am not a nature girl? I think they are plotting! But....they could have gotten confused because they heard some kind of PeaNUT lived there!

Miz Patti said...

Aww...Misty stoled my line!!!

steph said...

Be careful, Mom. I saw on the news this week a woman was attacked by a gang of raccoons in Florida when she tried to shoo them off her deck. It was pretty serious. She was in the hospital and needed stiches, staples and possilbe skin graphs!! Serioulsy.

Kristen said...

I am little behind on my blog reading (and posting!)...but we shoot squirrels around here. JT looks like he is going to war when he spots a furry creature plotting in our yard...and yes, they do plot!