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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Herding Horses

If you saw my post yesterday, you know we had a herd of horses run through our yard about middle of the day. Peanut herded them out of the yard with the golf cart, but we looked out the window a short time later and saw they were in the road and somehow crossed the fence into another neighbor's field. This was causing great distress to the donkey and horse who live in the field! It was also making the herd of horses nervous.
Since part of them were in the road, we were afraid they would cause an accident, so we took the truck and tried to herd them.

They just didn't know what to do. The free horses would run down the road,

then turn around and run back the same way they came.

They talked it over with their trapped friends, but no one had good horse sense.

So, Peanut opened the gate for them.

Then we followed them back to their own pasture and shut that gate.
But about dark we saw them in our yard again. We called their owner and tried to herd them away from the yard. They again went back toward their home, but at one o'clock this morning I was awakened by some people herding them again!
We haven't seen them today, so we hope they have decided that the grass is not greener on the Ponderosa.

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Misty said...

Would you all stop all of that Horsin' around down there?!?

Am I going to have to bring the boys down to help?