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Monday, February 5, 2018

inspired to return

I let a year pass without a post. I quit. I felt guilty but it was easy just to ignore the blog. No excuses, I had time.
Yesterday I gave Brynn some scrapbook paper and she ask what it was for. I was having a hard time explaining what a scrapbook was so I showed her the one I created in 2014. I recorded our whole life that year I did not miss a week. I did it so one day the grand kids would have something their nana had made to show them what just plain daily life was. Oh there are special days and celebrations in it, but my purpose was to create a history for them. I had wished my own grandmothers had kept a journal or a better record other than a box of pictures.  Her reaction was just what I wanted. She was fascinated, could not put it down, read every word. Her brother joined us.  He too wanted to look.

Then, they both decided they wanted to make one too.

So we started one for both.

And now I am back.

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