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Monday, June 8, 2015

a groundhog tale

For the last year, there was a groundhog living under the Visitor House.  It was BIG.  The neighbors had seen it.  People staying at the house had seen it.  We saw it, but it always ran away when we drove up.
 Recently we walked to the Visitor House and on the way I said, "You should have brought your rifle, we may see that groundhog." 
To which Peanut replied, "We will since I don't have it."
I was carrying my camera trying to practice with my zoom lens. 

I had stopped several times along the way, checked the garden and had forgotten about the groundhog.  As I was looking over the grape vine, Peanut said, "Oh look, the mulberries are ripe."
When I looked up this is what I saw. . .
It was right over my head and I may have made a screaming/squealing noise.  Piper and I stayed  and kept it treed while Peanut hurried back to the house for the rifle. 

The rest of the story. . . 
The groundhog is no longer a problem at the Visitor House.  He will not be digging under the house or eating our garden.  One less varmint on the Ponderosa!

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