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Monday, January 20, 2014

Just leave it on!

It had been a quiet week on the Ponderosa.  There was a trip to Somerset early in the week and then it was just a cold week with lots of cleaning going on.  I am talking deep cleaning with the steam cleaner!  I prefer to do "winter" cleaning and play outside when spring arrives. We did get to have supper with Parker, Tracie and Joey on Friday night, in the snow at Cracker Barrel.

Then, a cowboy, cowgirl and a baby rode in!

This livened things up a bit. And people started playing hide and seek,
 (when hiding remember no one can see you if you can't see them)

hunting dragons
(you have to wear a helmet when you hunt for dragons)

riding around the neighborhood looking for cows, donkeys, horses and goats, and of course you can't have proper fun without wrestling!

There's always lots of fun conservations too.  After helping Brooks go to the potty, I ask him if he wanted to flush.  He said, "No, just leave it on."

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