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Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12

Here's a quick version of my Twelve on the Twelfth Series, because it is getting late and its been a big day!

This boy woke me up this morning before dark thirty.  He said, "Nana, is it morning or night?"  I said, Parker, I don't know its still dark.  He decided to get up and look out the window to see! In this picture he is wearing oven mitts for socks.  Its a long story!
 After breakfast and a bath he beat me at several games of Hold On Scooby-Doo.  We ate some lunch from McDonald's and then he took off for a camping trip with his Dad.
 The day was a little overcast, but the Ponderosa stinkbugs love to be outside so we headed with them to the city to ride around in their strollers!
 If you watched the new TV series Nashville last week you saw a scene where the main characters were standing on the Pedestrian Bridge right in this very spot!  These people could probably get their own TV show since their lives are very exciting!
 This is art!  I don't really understand it!
 This is Brynn checking out the Cumberland River.  River watching is very serious business.
 This is part of Fort Donelson right on the riverbank in Nashville.  It wasn't open today.  The gates were locked.  Sadly it looked like it was being used as a storage area for beer vendor's carts.  I spared you that photo.
 This is a statue of John Sevier and John Donelson the founders of Nashville.  Stephanie, Brooks, Brynn and I are posing there because be think that John Donelson was possibly some of our ancestors, but we can't prove it right now.  That is something to work on.

 After a stroll down 2nd Avenue, where Brooks seemed to really enjoy the music coming from the Honky Tonks we stopped back at Cumberland Park for some. . .
 Running and climbing
 and some dancing on the bandstand!
 Then everyone went home, ate supper, took a bath and went to bed!  Hope everyone had as much fun as we did today!

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