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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Twelve on the Twelfth of August

August 12th has been a quiet day on the Ponderosa.  After starting the day with my usual breakfast
of Frosted Flakes and bananas, we went to church and then to Subway to have Sunday lunch.  The sandwich artist behind the counter can even fix our lunch without asking!  When we returned home it was time to clean up the hummingbird feeders and feed the little rascals.  They eat more than you think.

The weather today was perfect with only lower 80's for highs. This must have brought out the critters on the Ponderosa  because they were everywhere.

The weather has recently changed from extremely dry to extremely wet which has caused everything to grow especially the grass.  Our once beautiful clean garden was overtaken faster than we could do anything about it.  If you don't care to to stomp the grass down there's still lots of things growing!

When Peanut is not fighting the grass, or the hornets or the Japaneses Beetles he is working on leveling a spot for the grandkids' playhouse that will be delivered soon.  It's a little log cabin with a porch just the right size for little people.
The playhouse will be in the woods near the back yard where all the gnomes live!
 Happy August 12th.

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