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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12--Take Twelve

This is my third  time with 12 on the twelfth. (Take 12 pictures of your day on the 12th of each month) It seems that the twelfth day of the month is not very exciting here on the Ponderosa.  Even though I am never bored, these photos might led some to believe it was a boring day, but that's okay I sort of enjoy event free days!
 The day began with cereal and the Today show.  This band called One Direction seems to be all the rage.  They are from Britain and there were thousands of screaming young ladies present for their performance.  Until this morning I was completely unaware of their existence. It reminded me of the Beatles, back in the day!
 Then it was on to chores involving this machine.
 I baked a pie this morning.  The recipe I used is from a cookbook compiled by the ladies in our church years ago.  This recipe belonged to Modean Phillips.  She brought these pies to church dinners and they were very popular and disappeared quickly!
 I featured this white nose squirrel in my January 12th post.  I have not seen him again until today.  I find that odd, that he only shows up on the 12th.
 This is my view each time I look out the door.  Looks kind of like snow!
 If I am going to eat pie, I need to spent some time with my friend, Leslie.
 Modean's French Coconut Pie
 More chores.
 I put away all the bargains we found yesterday when we visited  our favorite store, The Mighty Dollar.
 Parker's looking forward to St. Patrick's Day to see what mischief the leprechauns bring, so I mailed him a card.
Many taxes  are being prepared in my living room by this registered professional tax preparer. He is much cheaper than H & R Block but leaves his "tax table" up in my living room for months!

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