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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A re-post from 2008!

(This is a re-post from August 25, 2008. I made it on the school blog but never on the Ponderosa blog.  I thought it was worthy of remembering.)

Are you a Technology Immigrant or Native?

Today at lunch I was talking with some fellow educators about how some of us older people are technology immigrants--we adapted to technology as it became available. (I remember when having a color TV was a big deal). Our students are technology natives they were born into a world filled with technology. They are not afraid to use it and accept it as a way of life. I used this story from my family's blog to illustrate the point, so indulge me while I share a grandma story!

Yesterday while Parker was playing in his Elmo sprinkler, he found a toad.

 He picked it up and examined the poor thing and it make a little chirping noise, maybe because it was terrified and maybe because it was being held a little tight, but Parker must have thought it was a cell phone because. . .
 He answered it!

No toads were harmed during the photo session that led to this post!

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