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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


How to Properly Harvest the Garden Produce
1.   You will need a little boy with a tractor!  
2.  Consult with your P-pa about whether the crop is really ready to harvest! 
3.  Examine all crops carefully, you only want to choose the best!

4.  Once you find something to harvest, place it in your trailer and remember to secure the back.  You don't want to lose any vegetables.

(Harvesting tip: It's best not to pour your produce into the wagon from a great height, because it can cause damage)

5.  When your wagon is full, it's time to head to Nana's brown house where you. . . 
unload with some help from your P-pa.

Harvesting is a hot job and can make you tired, but just remember some one's got to do it!
It's time for a juice box!

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