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Monday, July 19, 2010

Beetles and Spiders, Oh My!

We live on the Ponderosa with all sorts of little varmits, usually in a state of peace and harmony but this week we have declared War!  We each have our own individual battles going.  Peanut is waging war on the Japanese Beetles!  

Here's one of the pesky creatures on my sunflowers.  See that huge piece that has been eaten from the leaf.  His weapon of mass destruction  is a sprayer full of Sevin and he is not afraid to use it--on the garden on the shrubs any place one of these little beetles are spotted. While he fights the bugs, I fight the spiders.

This one is right outside my back door and seems to be catching other pests.  It's web is so intricate that I hate to tear it down, so it has been given a little reprieve and I named her Charlotte.  As long as she stays put we can declare a truce.  Other spiders are not so lucky.  They are everywhere.  I find them in the window sills and the door frames but the worst ones are those you don't notice before you walk through them!
My weapon against them is my little two gallon shop vacuum.  Their webs are no match against the suction power of my Craftsman Clean and Carry!  
But today there was a new battle, one that called for a weapon of mass destruction!  
This plaque hangs right beside our door and there was a funny buzzing noise coming from it.
And here is what was responsible for this noise. . . 
I am now making it  my mission to put dirt daubers on the endangered species list. The battle was messy and even involved the water hose set on power wash and a golf  club!
 But these critters are allowed on the Ponderosa any time, they have free reign, if only they fed on beetles, spiders or dirt daubers!

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