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Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's 26 Degrees and We are Outside!

One little boy wanted to go outside and try out one of our Christmas presents, so when the temperature got up to a warm 26 degrees, we blew up our Bear Foot sled, put so many layers of clothes we could barely move and out we went!

He loved sledding!

The dogs even got in on the fun.

Of course you have to get the snow on you for the full effect.

And you should practice your driving skills in the snow.

Be sure to know how to operate all types of vehicles.

We had to take the sled to the "forest."

Parker pulled P-pa and Nana on the sled, which exceeded the weight limit and caused the sled to explode!

But Parker could still ride.

We took a little hayride in the snow. . .

Until one of us just fell over from all the fun!


Joyce said...

POor little fella, I know he had a great time. Is lucky to have you and Peanut to brave the cold and get out with him.

Misty said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!! Love his boots!!!!!!